Stinking Braid (Throne of Bratten)

"My vision washed in nothingness' lather
As I sit here in my rank leathers
Braided by might of mates I have conquered
Craftswomen of opposite aeons

The bottom is a nature-given function
Of those who lost their souls in other dimensions
It is because of this that I sit here stinking
Chilled by another's supernova"

"I am I Ainhild, weaver of putrid leathers
I want nothing more than to serve the below
And open up my dimension to the thrust of Bratten.

I want thee!"

"Ainhild, do not shrink from my lack of touch!
You know it is my fate to sit and watch you perform.
I am Bratten of rank leathers
Braided to my soul by the ones of lost thrones."