They met in high school. His family was well-off with real estate. She was impressed. She was a surgeon. In those days, women were pediatricians or dermatologists. Now you can be anything, but before! He never did anything with his life. He did the accounting for her. She made all the money. She always dressed disgusting. She always looked like hell. Then he takes up with someone else and she finds out. She becomes hard to deal with. One of her lipsticks smushes and she sobs. He is an idiot. He goes into a bar, he’s so naïve, he starts talking to these two guys. And then later again, goes in and talks with the two guys. He says he’s unhappy, says he hates her; he says he’ll pay the guys if they’ll kill his wife. He’s kidding but he’s not kidding. The guys are interested. They make a time to meet up with him, to plan. They meet up and plan. Then the guys arrest him. They are undercover cops. He ends up in jail. Jail is like a cliché of jail, but also nothing like the cliché of jail. His brain shuts down from boredom. His brother-in-law sends him books that have characters in jail. She keeps dressing like shit. She gets friends and has a party; wine glasses at the bottom of the pool, then off with those friends. She gets new friends, and then not those either.