by OLD

Track listing:

Vol I:
1. Stepping On My Face/Future Sewer/(Native American Likes Boarshead!)/No Clue Rag/Dub 'Lude/Come Together
2. Back To School/Do Tell Live at the Theater
3. Z-Boys Enter Venice/The Dark Ages (N)/Streetwise Complication: Catch a Wave ver.
4. Happening/P.H. Funk'd/Chime In/Bondo Junker, Freedom Flag/Whoa! Are You Recording This (Jesus)/Beethoven's Xth (Seconds Anyone? [Van Gogh's Lowrider])

Vol II:
5. Fishin' Quest
6. The Border's Armpit/Gluttony on the Eastern Bloc/Glacial Psycho and The Braincave Victim/Aleister Cowley live at Seven Eleven (OUI!!!)
7. Dune Bogus (Heatwave)/Skit 1/Serious Problem/Watered Down Dada/Egomaniacs on Parade/Boys Will Be Boys/Dub 'Lude 2/Band Dispute with Lindsay Beebe Bonus Tracks:
8. Dog World/Dog Daze
9. Mann, Sun, Kid (Masonna)
10. Sahara Vodka (Drunk Again in the Sahara)

Brent Cowley and Phil Cote are OLD

Recorded 2006 in New York and San Francisco playing half-borrowed instruments
Featuring: Ben Phelan (guest lecture), Lindsay Beebe (drums and shoebox bass), Thunder (sound effects), Boys (clapping)

Released on either XXPL or Free Store Publishing or neither

Edition of, like, 62
To buy ($6) or trade email crossedantlers@gmail.com or pcote1@gmail.com

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